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  • Are you looking for a natural organic cleanser the eliminates that taut feeling after cleansing and does not strip your skin of its natural oils? Then this cleanser is perfect for you. It is a mild and gentle oil-to-milk gel which instantly emulsifies (turns into a creamy milk) on contact with water and rinses away clean, leaving your skin clean, smooth, moisturised and oh so soft. 

    ~ Surfactant (Soap) & Preservative Free.

    Botanical Extracts 
    ~ Kakadu Plum*

    Botanical Oils 
    ~ Camellia seed*
    ~ Apricot virgin kernel*
    ~ Castor seed*
    ~ Coconut virgin*
    ~ Borage virgin seed*
    ~ Argan virgin seed*

    Essential Oils 
    ~ Geranium leaf*
    ~ Tea Tree leaf*

    Gel-to-Milky Lotion Emulsifier
    100% naturally derived blend of sugar based emulsifier, vegetable oil and water

    Perfect for: All skin types

    Aroma: Floral | Herbal

  • Scoop a small amount onto your dry palm, and use your fingertips to massage gently onto your dry face and neck. Wet fingers and massage again in a circular motion. The cleanser changes consistency and emulsifies (turns into a milky lotion) on contact with water, cleanly removing grime, makeup and leaving no oily residual. 
    ~ Rinse with a damp, warm face cloth.
    ~ Repeat if required when removing heavy makeup.

  • Camellia seed oil*, Apricot kernel virgin oil*, Glycerine, Caprylic/Capic triglyceride, Aqua, Sucrose laurate, Sucrose stearate (100% Natural Oil-to-Milk Emulsifier), Coconut virgin oil*, Castor seed oil*, Borage seed virgin oil*, Argan seed virgin oil*, Kakadu plum extract*, Rosemary CO2 leaf extract*, Essential oils of Rose geranium leaf* & Tea tree leaf*


    Packaging: Miron violet glass jar | 90g | 45g

    Store in a cool dry location, out of direct sunlight, below 30°