Bare Botanics products are handmade in small batches using, where possible, certified organic, minimally processed ingredients and may slightly vary in colour, texture and aroma between batches due to the natural variants of the ingredients.

If you have sensitive skin or likely to have allergic reactions to skin care products, it is recommended that you patch test the product before applying, discontinue use if a negative reaction occurs.

Certain products contain NUT oils. 

Some citrus oils are photosensitising when used in conjunction with direct sunlight. However these oils are not used above the recommended percentage so not to cause skin damage.

It is advisable that certain essential oils are used with caution during pregnancy, especially during the 1st trimester. However, the essential oils in Bare Botanics products are in insufficient quantities to be of concern. If uncertain, please check with your health practitioner first.


Botanical butter is a definite must-have in my balms.  However, anyone who works with butters (cocoa, mango & shea) can attest to their unpredictability.

I love the creaminess that butter brings to the texture as well as all the fantastic benefits for your skin.  My fresh lovely smooth balms are perfect, that is until, a few days, weeks or months later, I would open a jar & find that my silky smooth product had turned grainy.

Why does this happen?  Butters react to the environment. Temperature changes can cause crystallisation (graininess) due to the various fatty acids cooling at different rates. Once heated, these crystals disappear. This is why when you rub crystalised butter onto your warm skin it melts to smooth oil again. This change of temperature may occur at any time if your balm travels with you or during delivery transit.

These little grains or crystals DO NOT mean that your product has gone bad.

If you prefer, follow the simple steps below to return your balm or body butter to its original silky smooth state. The entire process takes only a few minutes.

1. Heat a small amount of water in a saucepan to hot, but not boiling, reduce heat to a slow simmer.

2. Place the jar with the lid off into the saucepan, ensuring that the water does not spill into the jar. 

3. Wait until fully melted (do not overheat or heat for a long period of time), then remove & place in the refrigerator (with the lid off) to cool quickly for 1 hour. 

Store away from direct sunlight, in a cool environment, below 25˚. Storing in a temperature-controlled environment will reduce the likelihood of your balm/butter going grainy.

If your balm arrives melted, place in your refrigerator to cool quickly, which will help reduce the likelihood of crystals forming.