Nature Caring For Your BARE Skin

is a commitment to sourcing the finest quality, natural, certified organic and fair-trade botanical ingredients that have not been chemically treated and are in their purest form to help support, promote and maintain a healthy, clear, calm and glowing complexion.

Bare Botanics products are handmade in small batches and are designed to simplify the way you care for yourself and your skin.

Bare Botanics products are gentle and can be used for all skin types; a safe a simple approach to looking after your skin without unnecessary and unpronounceable ingredients - the fillers, artificial fragrances, colours, synthetic preservatives and animal ingredients.

It is rewarding to help people discover the endless potential for beauty and harmony in the relationship between skin, food, health and the simple purity of nature's bounty and I love to share this connection through my skincare and aromatics.


Sustainable Packaging

Keeping with simplicity, Bare Botanics products are packaged in Miron violet biophotonic glassware with its unique properties that filter light to protect natural products and extend their shelf life. No additional promotional packaging (the kind that is thrown in the bin after unwrapping) is used.

Recycled paper and bubble wrap packaging is used for shipping.

Visit my Zero Waste page to find out more about my commitment to simple, earth friendly packaging and recycling.