I am fully committed to helping to reduce the impact that packaging of all kinds has on the environment by not using additional product and shipping packaging.

As of 2020 I am gradually changing my glassware from amber to recyclable and reusable light-protective Miron violet glass jars and bottles with no additional marketing paperboard boxes that will only end up in your garbage as soon as you open your purchase.  

I ship using eco-friendly materials, including Jiffy padded shipping envelopes which use 100% recycled newspaper for the padding, green paper wrap and paper tape or I reuse shipping materials, including plastic bubble wrap and foam peanuts, that I receive from shipments of my supplies that I keep and recycle as I can. 

TerraCycle Recycling

Recycling Bare Botanics glassware and plastic packaging (lids and pumps) is now possible by dropping off your used packaging at the following locations - 

Bare Botanics Studio at the Mosaic Collective
- 61 Eighth Avenue, Maylands, Perth

The Tasty Pear Shop
- Bassendean Shopping Centre, West Road, Bassendean, Perth.

The plastic packaging that you return will be posted to TerraCycle via their Zero Waste Box system for recycling.

Reusing Glassware 

Returned glassware that are free from damage will be hygienically cleaned, sterilised and reused.

If are not located in Perth but wish to return glassware, save 6 containers and select the glassware return envelope with one of your orders and the pre-paid envelope will be included in your order.  You then just package the glassware securely, using plenty of padding around each container, so they are not damaged in transit and post.