Sandalwood + Rose

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Relax | Calm | Love | Confidence

Sandalwood relaxes, grounds and calms, helping to still the mind in periods of stress or anxiety. The added complexity of rose enhances love, compassion and devotion.  Giving a sense of security and spirituality.

Burn to help promote sleep, reduce anger and frustration, particularly after a confrontation to bring feelings back into balance.

Sweet | Warm | Soft & Floral


Sandalwood ~ sustainably source from Western Australia Sandalwood.
Rose ~ Certified Organic rose petals from India.

FREE from ~ 
~ Synthetic binders  
~ Essential oil  
~ Artificial fragrances and colours.


In a cool, dry location, out of direct sunlight.

Recyclable Kraft envelope containing 4 incense flowers.


How to Use:

Break one or more petals, or burn the whole flower. Light one edge with a lighter or match.  Allow to burn for five to ten seconds, then blow the flame out, leaving the smouldering ember behind. Place in a fireproof dish.

Burn in a well ventilated space.

The length of the burn will depend on the size, one petal will burn for approx. 10 minutes while the whole flower will burn for approx. 30 minutes.

Caution: To prevent fire, burn incense within sight, never leave unattended or near anything that can catch fire.  Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Place on a stable heat resistant surface. Do not touch or move incense while burning.

Keep away from drafts.


Bare Botanics Sandalwood and Rose Incense image of burning incense on a small white ceramic spoon in shadow with a incense flower in the foreground and a small rosebud and sandalwood sawdust next to it