Clay Bowl

Ceramic bowls are perfect for your face mask mixing ritual.  Handmade by Bare Botanics sister Bare Ceramics, these little individually unique, earthy bowls are durable and long-lasting. 

If you are also looking for the perfect face mask powder to use with your handmade bowl, my Gentle Exfoliate Face Mask and Flawless Face Masks are both deeply cleansing and will help keep your skin clean, fresh and bright.  

As each bowl is made and glazed by hand, no two bowls are the same. Your purchased bowl will differ slightly from the photographs, making it completely unique and one of a kind. 

Alternative uses when not using as a face mask bowl - 
~ Creating an essential oil body oil.  
   Make a daily body oil blend from a plant based oil from your pantry
   i.e. olive, rice  bran, avocado and mix in your personal blend of essential oils. 
~ Bathroom jewellery holder

G I F T:  C l a y  M a s k + B o w l